Get sMeshOnSite on your website, Instantly!

If you own or manage a website and you wish that it can have the rich media and social features of a sMesh Central page, then our sMeshOnSite technology is what you needed!

Here are the benefits:

  • Add next-generation social media enhancements to your site. You will get the full power and richness of a sMesh Central page right on your site, and not just a simple comment stream like you would with other social media sites. You will be able to hold onsite live events/promotions, use it as a 'second-screen' companion with your off-site live events (sporting games, concert, etc.), showcase your media, drive marketing campaign, and more.
  • This allows you to keep your visitors on your site, and not diverting the traffic to yet another social media site.
  • You will gain the ability to aggregate your own media of various types with ease, for purposes such as cross-promotion, monetization, etc.
  • You can have it instantly! It is as simple as inserting a small piece of non-intrusive embed code into your website (see detail below).
  • It is free!

For a quick demo here and now, click here.

For a quick demo on another website, see details here. You will be able to a view live working example right away, without changing an iota of your website. This way you can show it to your boss or colleagues, and get buy-in before commiting anything. There is nothing safer or easier.

Steps for getting sMeshOnSite onto your website

It takes only a couple of simple steps to get a sMesh Central page onto your website. Did not find a sMesh Central page that suit your needs? Check it out here regarding how to create a sMesh Central page for yourself for free.

The following steps are similar to, say, installing a YouTube embed code onto your website. One difference is that for our embed code, you don't even have to worry about changing the layout of your website since we use a non-intrusive design that floats above your existing website.

Select a target sMesh Central page

This step is to select a specific sMesh Central page in order to get its content and various media and social components to appear on your website.

You can find a list of sample sMesh Central pages here. If there is nothing there that fits your needs, you can easily create a new sMesh Central page for your purposes.

Copy embed code

Click on the 'get embed code' link and copy the code (which looks like below) to your clipboard

Insert embed code

Ask your web master to insert this embed code into those webpages that you want the sMesh Central to show there. You may put it anywhere in the 'body' section of the page. Should you wish to 'uninstall' sMesh Central then all you need to do is to remove this code from your webpages.

Previewing without installing Embed Code

You can preview how it will look like with sMesh Central on your site this instant, without having to install the embed code mentioned above. Since this does not involve making any change on your website, it is quick, easy, and safe.

To try the preview feature, please follow the steps given here regarding how to use the sMeshOnSite bookmark tool. This tool does not permanently change your website in anyway, so while you are using the sMeshOnSite bookmark tool to preview sMesh Central on your website, the visitors of your website will not be seeing any changes.


If you find the free version of sMesh Central not quite sufficient and you need further customization, please contact us at by email.