Using the sMeshOnSite bookmark tool

sMeshOnSite is the name of a browser-based tool that allows you to view the content of a specific sMesh Central page as a small window right inside another website.

For example, while viewing a live foosball video turnament on another website you can also use the sMeshOnSite tool to get sMesh's 'Foosball Central' page (or any sMesh page of your choice) to display inside this website as a small draggable window, so that you are able to interact with other users or track the media on the 'Foosball Central.'

The sMeshOnSite tool allows you to bring the rich and real-time social environment of sMesh Central onto any other sites so that you can enjoy the two together!

For website owners who are looking for a quick and easy way to add rich socialization features to their web properites, they can also add or remove sMesh Central onto their website instantly with minimum effort. Please click here for more details.

For a quick demo here and now, click here.

Before you proceed: since sMeshOnSite is designed for enjoying sMesh Central along with an existing website, it is not suitable for use on small devices. You may skip the setup instructions below if you are using a smart phone or a small tablet.

Do the one-time setup in your browser

Before using the sMeshOnSite tool you will need to perform a simple one-time setup in your favorite web browser. It does not require you to download any code, or install anything on your computer.

For this one-time setup, simply drag the link 'sMeshOnSite' below to the bookmark toolbar of your browser.

drag to your browser's bookmark bar

And you are ready to go! At this point you should see a 'sMeshOnSite' link in your bookmark toolbar.

Please note that if your bookmark toolbar is not enabled in your browser, then you may need to enable it first before doing this step.

Go to your target website

Use your browser to navigate to the target website that has the content that you want, such as live video, stats, discussions, etc.

Display the sMeshOnSite window on your target website

Click on the sMeshOnSite bookmark in the bookmark toolbar of your browser, and you should see the sMesh Central window appear on the screen. You may drag it by the header bar of this window to a preferred location, or minimize it to the side.

List of websites where sMeshOnSite won't work

While smMeshOnSite will work for most websites, it may not work on certain websites due to various reasons. Following is a list of such websites. If you are aware of others like this please contact us at by email.