Using the sMeshThis tool to make contribution

sMeshThis is the name of a browser-based tool that allows you to incorporate content from other websites onto a sMesh Central page for sharing with other visitors to the page. The information below is of interest to you if you wish to participate in adding contents to a certain sMesh page. You may skip this if you wish to be simply a passive reader of sMesh pages.

Currently the content supported includes full-page content, images, Youtube videos, Twitter feed, and MP3 audio files.

Owner of a sMesh Central page can also decide whether the general public are allowed to contribute to the page, and if so then the public can also use this tool for contributing content to the page.

Please note that you can also do this setup directly when you are on a sMesh Central page. Just look for this icon on the page and click on it. Follow the instructions there will also complete the setup for using the sMeshThis tool.

Doing the one-time setup in your browser

Before using the sMeshThis tool you will need to perform a simple one-time setup in your favorite web browser. It does not require you to download any code, or install anything on your computer.

For this one-time setup, simply drag the link 'sMeshThis!' below to the bookmark toolbar of your browser.

drag this to your browser's bookmark bar

And you are ready to go! At this point you should see a 'sMeshThis!' link in your bookmark toolbar.

Please note that if your bookmark toolbar is not enabled in your browser, then you may need to enable it first.

And separately if you haven't registered with sMesh Central, then you should do so ahead of time. You may register either directly with sMesh Central, or using one of the supported social networking ids (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Register as a Contributor to your favorite sMesh page

You need to register yourself as a 'Contributor' to a certain sMesh page before you are allowed to add contents to the page. You need to do this only once for each sMesh page that you wish to contribute contents to.

Follow the steps below in order become a Contributor to a sMesh page:

  1. Sign into sMesh Central
  2. Navigate to the sMesh page that is of interest of you
  3. Find the 'Become a Contributor' link in the menubar and click on it. You will find the link become 'Contributor' which indicates that your registration is successful
At this point you are ready to begin submitting contents to this sMesh page.

Submitting off-site content to a sMesh Central page

For each piece of content you wish to submit, do the following:

  1. From your favorite browser, navigate to the website of your choice. Make sure that the content you wish to submit is on the page. Wait for the webpage to complete loading.
  2. Find the'sMeshThis!' link among the previously saved bookmarks of your browser. A gallery of media that exist on the page is then displayed for you to choose from.
  4. Select from the menu (see below) the type of media (e.g., Images) that you wish to submit.
  6. Click on the type of media that you want. A dialog window is displayed. Below are screenshots that demonstrate two types of such dialog windows.
  7.  media
  8. Modify the information in the dialog window, such as changing the title or description, to suit your needs, and then click on the 'Submit' button.
  9. You may be prompted to log on at this point using the credential that you registered with sMesh Central.
  10. Select the target sMesh Central page and the target panel that you wish to submit this media to. Click on the 'Submit' button to complete this process.

The media that you submitted will appear on the target Smesh Central page in several seconds.