About Us

Smesh LLC is an internet technology company that offers innovative yet accessible solutions for the Internet. Our sMesh Central brand offers a ground-breaking social platform that radically changes how a large number of people socialize in great depth around a hot event or topic.

Our target audience include owners of any live events or media, enthusiasts of any topic or event, media publishers, corporations that need a lively social hub for their customers, politicians who need a platform for their supporters, anyone who wants to contribute or seek information about a breaking hot event, and many more.

Contact Us

Seeking help: if you need help with using sMesh Central, please visit here for more information. Alternatively you could also send us email at support@smesh.net.

Suggestions: If you have any input regarding new features or design changes that will make sMesh Central better, please send us email at support@smesh.net.

Enterprise users: a sMesh page can be customized and deploy to your existing website very easily, so that you can offer the users to your website all the advanced media sharing and socialization features that you see on a sMesh page. If interested please contact us at bizdev@smesh.net.

Partnership: for investment or partnership opportunities with Smesh LLC, please contact us at bizdev@smesh.net.

Employment: if you are a talented individual looking for employment opportunities, please contact us at hr@smesh.net.